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May 10, 2017 -- Consensual Bop -- "Another Day at the Office"
Doing our thing in San Francisco high atop the St. Francis Hotel.
Andre Custodio, drums; Dan Keller, bass; Bob Johns, keys; Mark Secosh, tenor sax

Dan, Jonathan Alford, Alexa Weber-Morales, Oct. 2015, "Morning" (Clare Fisher) part 1

Dan, Jonathan Alford, Alexa Weber-Morales, Oct. 2015, "Morning" (Clare Fisher) part 2

Dan, Jonathan Alford, Betti Roi, Oct. 2015

Voice and Bass -- A Perfect Duo!
Lindsey and Dan at Specs, 4/19/2015

Yes, the joint was noisy... Enthusiastic audience! We love Specs!

Hoagie Carmichael's Stardust
Cara and Dan, June 23, 2012

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Roberta Donnay on Indiegogo
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Starring Roberta Donnay as Velma Parrish,
Aaron Wilton as Johnny "Boom-Boom",
Destiny Muhammad as Snookie Lovelle,
Dan Keller as "Buttons" McGee, and
Jared Newman as Leo "The Lip".
Photos and promo video by Eddy Bee Images

With Tara Linda in 2013 at the Kaiser Center in Oakland

My bass solo starts at 2'38".

Mellow Rock Quintet -- Carl Resnikoff (guitar & vocal), Dan (bass), and buddies, 8/30/2015

Autumn Leaves



Live at the Plush Room, San Francisco

November 10, 2003

Cathy Felter, vocal
Peter Eden, piano
Bruce Felter, drums
Dan keller, bass
Jim Rothermel, saxes and clarinet
Dave Bell, guitars

It Had to Be You

Scotch and Soda

Almost Like Being in Love/MyHeart Stood Still

Don't Fence Me In

Being Green

Over the Rainbow/Blue Skies

The Dimming of the Day

Aquele Frevo Axe

Is You Is or Is You Ain't My Baby

A House Is Not a Home

The Ballad of Thelonious Monk

The Wonder of Life

At Long Last Love

Come Fly with Me

Something in Red

Live at the Plush Room, San Francisco

October 28, 2001

Cory Jamison, vocal
John Boswell, piano
Dan Keller, bass

Beautiful Friendship
Heather Cook (vocal and piano), Dan Keller (bass)

The Nearness of You
Heather Cook (piano), Dan Keller (bass)

Lonely Town (excerpt)
Larry Oleno (vocal), with guitarist

'Deed I Do

Spider Saloff (vocal)
Larry Oleno (piano)
Dan Keller (bass)

Live at the Plush Room

San Francisco

May 7, 2001

Lover Man

Blue Skies

Nature Boy

Alone in the Dark

Tea for Two


A Flower Is a Lovesome Thing

There Will Never Be Another You

Tain't No Sin

Indian Summer


The Man I Love

I Got Rhythm

Good Morning Heartache
Maya Zysman (vocal), Chuck Gee (piano), Dan Keller (bass)

Autumn Leaves

Round Midnight


You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To
Szilvia Simon (vocal), John Groves (piano), Dan Keller (bass)


Black Coffee

La Vie en Rose (excerpt)
Zorina London (vocal), Larry Oleno (piano), Dan Keller (bass)

Send Me Someone to Love (excerpt)
Trish Varley (vocal), Larry Oleno (piano), Dan Keller (bass)

I Can't Give You Anything but Love


Rebekah Montoya (vocal),
Chuck Mancini (guitar),
Dan Keller (bass),
Dave Allen (drums)

The Look of Love


For Always (excerpt)
Jana Keeler (vocal), Gary Neuman (piano), Dan Keller (bass), Carlton Carey (drums)

Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues (take 1)
Vanya Green (vocal)
Peter Eden (piano)
Bruce Felter (drums)
Dan Keller (bass)

Recorded at Bellboy Studio, Richmond, CA

January, 2002

Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues (take 2)

Nature Boy (take 1)

Nature Boy (take 2)

It's Only a Paper Moon (take 1)

It's Only a Paper Moon (take 2)

Thou Swell (excerpt)
Rod Sherrell (vocal), Larry O'Leno (piano), Dan Keller (bass), drummer

Blues (excerpt)
Beebe Price (vocal), David Seaman (trumpet), Larry O'Leno (piano), Dan Keller (bass), Riccardo Schneider (drums)

Video Clips

Carol Doda and Dan

"All of Me"

July, 2011

Quintet (two horns and rhythm section)

"Chinatown My Chinatown"

John Dodgshon (trumpet)
Brian Richardson (trombone)
Alan Hall (keyboard)
Tom Belton (drums)
Dan Keller (bass)

The Mayflower, San Rafael, CA

January, 2010

"Gee Baby Ain't I Good to You"


Memphis Cotton (lead vocal)
Barbara Early (backup vocal)
Heather Lauren (backup vocal)
Gary Neuman (piano)
Chad Tracy (guitar)
Bruce Felter (drums)
Dan Keller (bass)

Dan's Compositions

Click to PlayThese are © Dan Keller

Call Me (2005)
Collage of snippets from my answering machine from 1980. (Click here for details.)

I'm Glad I'm a Boy (1986)
6'07" "Musique concrete" -- half-inch tape, splicing block, razor blade, and massive Scully decks

Interchangeably Yours (1977)
2'26" Musique concrete with Marvin Gaye tape loops

Multiple Choice (1977)
5'21" Musique concrete -- Fill in the blank: "I ___ you."

Kim's Sweet Dream (1977)

Download the MIDI version:
Kim's Sweet Dream (1977)

Composed on the prototype Synclavier at Dartmouth College

Quiet Whiskey

Melody Anne Sings Quiet Whiskey with the Jack "Jive" Schafer Band

Record album produced by Dan Keller

Recorded in 1981 at Pier 23, San Francisco, California

With Jack Schafer, Melody Anne, Joe Escobar, Al Pittsburgh, Jerry Logas, Bill Langlois, and Jack Shaw

Click this link to listen to the record.

Cara Sings!

I Enjoy Being a Girl
  • Cara Keller, vocals
  • Bruce Felter, drums
  • Hal Richards, sax, clarinet, flute
  • John Groves, keyboards
  • Dan Keller, basses
  • Shannon Day and Laurie Antonioli, coaching
  • Self-portrait by Cara

Nature Boy

It's Only a Paper Moon


Four videos of Dan and Cara and Dan singing and playing Polkadots and Moonbeams, August 4, 2013


Fuehrer Bush Raucus ensemble of anonymous people... (Mal Sharpe's concept, Spike Jones' inspiration)

Traditional Jazz

The Silicon Gulch Jazz Band

Live at the Brittania Arms Pub
Cupertino, California
July, 1998

Way Down Yonder
Track 2
Track 3
Track 4
Bourbon Street Parade
My Little Girl
What a Wonderful World
Track 8
Just a Closer Walk with Thee
Sweet Sue

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