On February 19th, 2005,
jazz legend Joe Bithell
passed from this world.
He is missed by family, numerous friends,
and countless Bay Area jazz fans.

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for the obituary in the San Francisco Chronicle
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for the obituary in the San Jose Mercury.

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for a few photos from Joe's Last Gig.

Joe Bithell, Jazz Singer

and his

Since 1980

Since its birth, traditional jazz has been an integral part of our American heritage. JOE BITHELL'S SILICON GULCH JAZZ BAND recreates this era in a multifaceted musical presentation. Playing the Charleston, New Orleans Blues, and Dixieland syncopation at its best, this band brings you memories, nostalgia, and moments of pure joy.

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The music is ageless. It reaches the soul. Young and old alike delight in the melodic improvisations of these talented musicians. Joe's rich blues voice brings an added dimension to the famous tunes that comprise their repertory. And his washboard, down home style, and faithfulness to tradition add fun to parties in venues big and small.
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