Elena de la Rosa, Vocalist

All Styles, Specializing in Jazz, Swing, Latin, Blues and Standards

In the San Francisco Bay Area


    Clubs and Restaurants, Events, Private Parties, Weddings, Conventions, Casuals, Corporate Functions, Hotel Lounge Entertainment, Recording Lead, Harmony and Backup Vocals

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    Elena de la Rosa
    San Francisco, California
    Phone (415) 441-2147

    Web:   www.kellerjazz.com/elena/

    "I love your voice and choice of songs."
    -- Ellen Green, star of stage, screen, and the movie Little Shop of Horrors

    "That voice, that sultry sound exuding so much class and sophistication..."
    -- Hoops McCann, San Francisco Street Sheet
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    "Like jazz? Elena De La Rosa, probably the best-kept secret in San Francisco until now."
    -- Jeff Strega, La Vida

    "I love her voice... It's so sexy and sultry. Every time I hear her sing it leaves me wanting more."
    -- Dr. Midnight, KUSF Radio 90.3 FM

    "This is Thursday, my Jazz Night. Got my Grade 1 jazz filly -- Elena De La Rosa -- poppin' the gate down at the Mason Street Wine Bar. Know damn well I ain't gonna make it back before Cinderella."
    -- Hoops McCann, Racetrack Diaries


  • 50 Mason Street    
  • Amante Lounge    
  • Bandshell at Golden Gate Park    
  • Border's Books    
  • Borobudur    
  • Cinnebar Cafe    
  • Cote Sud    
  • Culinary Academy    
  • Elks Club    
  • Family Club    
  • Great American Music Hall    
  • Gallery Caffe` Live    
  • Heart and Soul    
  • His Lordship's    
  • Holiday Inn    
  • Hyatt Regency    
  • Impala Lounge    
  • Lobby Bar Cafe    
  • Marriott    
  • Mason Street Wine Bar (weekly 1993-1996)    
  • Oasis    
  • Octavia Lounge    
  • Olive Oil's    
  • Ovation    
  • Neumanali    
  • Paradise Lounge (1997-2000)    
  • Plush Room    
  • Ritz-Carlton    
  • Sheraton Palace    
  • Stork Club    
  • The Blue Muse    
  • The French Quarter    
  • The Galleon    
  • The Gate    
  • The Swallow    
  • Top's    
  • TR's    
  • Washington Square Bar & Grill    
  • Yoshi's SF    
  • Zingari Lounge