We Used to Be Called Big Money in Dixieland...

Politically Correct? Opinions Differ!

Fistfull o' cash

Bill Cosby just hugged our singer, Rhonda Benin, at Enrico's 37th anniversary celebration. For the entirety of her rendition of Black and Blue.

Francis Ford Coppola was seated directly in front of our band at Enrico's. Because of his poker face, we couldn't tell whether he liked us or not. Here's some gossip: an Enrico's customer asked Francis for a job in the movies and he replied, "I'm looking for work, too."

One of the cast of L.A. Law was seated in front of us but we didn't know his name.

On our one road trip to Beverly Hills, our washboard player, Petey Devine, fell asleep with a cigarette in his mouth and almost burned down the Ramada Inn. Total cost for new bedspread: $150.

A swingin' band in the traditional New Orleans style, Big Money in Jazz can be heard at venues around the San Francisco Bay Area, including:

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Here's an anecdote he tells about his high school years in Newton, MA: "In the mid-50's, there was a DJ in Boston, Bob Clayton, who did a poll of a different high school every week. They would list their top ten favorites, like How Much Is that Doggie in the Window and perhaps their top novelty song. Every week, every high school's list would change. But for the entire five years that I listened to this show, without fail, when Bob would ask them their favorite all-time hit, the representative of each school would always reply, in a thick Boston accent, ``Aah high school's favoritt all-time hit, Bawb, is Staahdust.''"

    We may not know the keys but we sure know the phone numbers!

-- Yours truly,